4 Major Types of Video Poker You Need To Know | realmoneyvideopoker.com

4 Major Types of Video Poker You Need To Know | realmoneyvideopoker.com

Video poker branches explained by realmoneyvideopoker.com


Nowadays, choosing a preferable real money online poker game you will face over a hundred options, which appears to be quite puzzling, to say the least. Moreover, modern video poker allows to play up to 100 hands simultaneously with some latest variations adding up more features on the top of that. This time we discuss four pillar divisions of the game:


– Progressive jackpot

– Multi strike poker

– Spin poker

– Multi-hand video poker


This is obviously beyond variability which took decades to develop – you can learn the story of video poker through Real Money Video Poker latest feature. Meanwhile, we explain each poker branch in detail.


Modern real money video poker variations


Progressive jackpot games are offering continuously accumulated jackpots as a reward for certain combinations, most commonly which is Royal Flush. Sometimes a couple of real money video poker machines may work conjointly to generate a greater jackpot. Mind that the larger prize provides a higher payout percentage.


Multi Strike Poker is characterized by having a hand of four levels. In order to access the higher level players should collect valuable combinations, generally jacks or better. However, you are meant to play poker online for money within four hands every time, regardless of climbing up a higher level or not. This game is known for an ultimately high dispersion, so you might want to make the best of your strategy to manage leveling up. Nevertheless, there is always a chance to draw a wild card which allows you to access the next level without collecting a required combination. Multi Strike owns a slightly higher payout rate as compared to the regular video poker.


Spin Poker is a kind of a vintage view on traditional video poker. This game has no specific features or add-ons, but the cards here are dealing by the means of spinning the reels, not using the random numbers generator. First-ever video poker machine was established operating on 5 spinning reels, just like a slot. That’s why this sort of video poker is so authentic.


Multi-hand branch of games is distinct due to the ability of collecting a number of combinations simultaneously. Online poker real money usa -style can be played starting from 5 simultaneous hands on the screen. Of course, there is higher volatility since you are betting on every hand you are playing, however the final outcome of the set is determined by only one hand. Casual poker game begins after the player is dealt with five cards. It is pretty much the same in multi-hand poker, but apart from having one principal hand a player also has a number of secondary combinations, as of the number of hands provided by a particular game.


www.realmoneyvideopoker.com reminder: practice is a condition for victory


Before you start trying any of these video poker variations on the real money poker sites, remember that practicing on free games until you feel confident in your actions and strategy is an absolute necessity. realmoneyvideopoker.com offers you a great selection of poker games from any division presented above, which you can play for free as long as you need to.


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