How To Make an Advantage Of Dispersion In Video Poker

Video poker dispersion explained by realmoneyvideopoker chief editor


Video poker is widely recognized for the low house edges it offers. Moreover, sometimes you may even have an advantage over the house in some real money video poker games. Ok, it is possible only due to the flawless application of the basic strategy, but does it really mean that you will gain money if you play with no mistakes? Hell no.


The thing is that real money poker apps differ from each other by the means of dispersion, and that is something worth to mention while choosing a game you want to play.


What does dispersion mean in real money video poker?


Dispersion is a deviation from the average gaming outcome, which can be perceived as luck, to some extent. With regards to that we can state that following the perfect strategy neither entirely protects a player from losing all his money nor guarantees him huge payouts.


So, some kinds of video poker possess higher variance than the others and it does not mean they are worse. It just indicates that the possibility to significantly win or lose here is greater than with low dispersion games.


How dispersion affects your game?


The understanding of the level of dispersion will not bring you closer to the win, since nobody can predict the superior combination which brings a major payout. Nevertheless, noticing this factor will contribute to achieving the maximum level of joy from poker online real money betting.


For instance, you have a tiny bankroll and wish to extend your video poker playing time. Selecting high dispersion game at real money poker sites will put you at risk of losing the money pretty quickly. On the other hand, playing a slot with lower dispersion while possessing a large amount of money may appear boring, since petite payouts would not deliver the sense of dynamics.


Thus we can state that low dispersion video poker games are suitable for rather inexperienced readers with a modest bankroll and higher dispersion level versions are better for larger players, already knowing the nuances of a game. answers: is it possible to select a video poker by the level of dispersion?


It would be way easier to select a game based on its dispersion level using a corresponding scale if it would have ever existed. Unfortunately, neither us real money poker sites nor game producers provide clients with such information. Therefore, dispersion can be assessed only using payback percentage, payout coefficient and some other factors.


To illustrate, let’s compare Jacks or Better (payback rate nearly 99,45%) and Double Bonus (house edge around 100%). If you contrast their pay tables stored at, you can easily notice that Double Bonus has way higher coefficients for major combinations. Indeed, after a brief inspection it turns out that combinations in Jacks or Better appear more frequently. It means nothing but the level of dispersion here is lower than that of Double Bonus. Significant coefficient should be balanced by the rare combination occurrence, as presented in Double Bonus.


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